Enfort Homes is looking to build additional business relationships with a handful of Trust Deed Lenders in the Seattle area.

Since we started in 2009, we have consistently provided secure investments for our lenders. We are known in the industry for our high quality work and beautiful designs that sell homes quickly. 

We provide homebuyers top-quality new construction and renovated homes in the most desirable neighborhoods throughout Seattle and the Eastside, while providing our Trust Deed Lenders a safe and reliable vehicle to generate profits. 

We have an internal marketing division, allowing us to consistently purchase properties at less than 65 cents on the dollar. This allows us to generate strong profits, and great returns to our Trust Deed Lenders. 

Average returns for our investors range from 7%-10% on an annual basis. All invested money is secured by a Note and Deed of Trust at a Loan to Value of 80% or less. 

If you have interest in learning more about becoming a Trust Deed Investor, please contact me directly or by using our Contact Us page.  

We look forward to hearing from you!


Greg Lynch

Owner/Investor Relations


Investment opportunities

trust deed lending Explained


A Trust Deed Investment is an investment holding that is secured or collateralized by Real Estate. Each investment has two components, a Note and a Trust Deed. The Note describes the term and return of the investment, and the Trust Deed attaches the Note to the title of the property held as collateral. 


FIRST: You operate as a lender with real estate as collateral, making this investment more secure than stocks or other "paper" investments. 

SECOND: Your investment is backed by a promissory note, recorded on title, with returns that can outperform many other opportunities.

Collateral: Trust Deed Investments are secured by real estate. Your investments with us will never reach more than a 80% loan to value, providing security during uncertain times.

Title Insurance: Each Deed of Trust is title insured by a Title Company, insuring the Deed of Trust is recorded into the represented (first) lien position. You will acquire a copy of the preliminary title report, provided to you for your records.

Escrow: Every transaction goes through the standard escrow process, and is handled by an independent Title Company. Monies from the Trust Deed Investor are placed in escrow and distributed upon completion of final paperwork. 

Payments: Principle and interest returns are tied to the terms of the note arranged with the borrower. The terms can allow for monthly interest payments, upfront interest payments, or interest payments along with the principal invested at the close of escrow from the sale of the asset (property). Each is common practice at Enfort Homes.