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Below is a list of our active projects under construction. Click the photo for details.
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About Us

Enfort Homes is a boutique spec home builder & developer based in Kirkland, Washington. From our attention-grabbing home renovations dating back to 2009, to the luxury new construction homes we are known for today, we stand by our homes with an unrelenting pride of product.



Our homes are built to last! We manage our job sites with intense scrutiny and we carefully select subs who value quality as much as we do. We approach all projects through the homeowner’s lens, aiming to foresee problems before they arise. From choosing high quality materials, to taking measures to adapt to our rainy climate, we go the extra mile to make sure our homes are top quality.



Over the years we have asked hundreds of people, “What do you value in a floorplan?”. With that feedback, we have established a gold standard for functionality and resale value. Our floorplans run through many sets of eyes before they are given the stamp of approval. We take into consideration views, window placement, flow and functionality as if we are living there ourselves.



Our design team strives to make every home a unique masterpiece. With a perfectionist approach, we carefully select every single color and fixture, down to the tiniest hinge. At Enfort Homes, nothing is an afterthought. With timelessness in mind, our design approach is a delicate balance of trend-setting while appealing to the masses. Our designs are rich with beautiful neutrals flawlessly reflecting transitional, farmhouse and contemporary styles. We see every home as a work of art and we hope you love our work as much as we do!

If you have any questions, please visit our contact page. We value good communication and transparency and we would be happy to speak with you!

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Sell to Enfort

Enfort Homes is an experienced home buyer in King, Snohomish & Pierce County. We are a local, family business committed to first-rate real estate solutions. Flexibility, transparency, and fairness guide our mission in providing these services to families and individuals throughout our community.

Selling a home can be time consuming, chaotic, and costly. As a cash buyer of homes in as-is condition, we offer the opportunity to sell efficiently and stress-free. Think Staples Giant Red “Easy Button”.

Call/text/email Greg or fill out the form to receive a zero obligation cash offer for your property or simply discuss next steps.

Enfort Homes

(425) 312-3678



Flexible Closing

Your situation is unique to you. Your timelines become our timelines.


No Repairs, As-is Condition

We purchase homes in as-is condition. No repairs needed. Take the belongings you want, we'll donate anything left behind to local charities


Free Rent

Stay in the home for free after closing. Not even the city of Seattle can provide this!


Simple Easy Paperwork

Provides a seamless and transparent transaction process. 30 page contracts are so 1999.



We are cash buyers. No appraisals. No financing contingencies. No concerns.



We have a 100% close ratio on homes that have waived or passed feasibility. Momma didn't raise no flakes!


Zero Commissions

We love real estate agents... but sometimes sellers like 0% better than 6%. Just sometimes.


Title & Escrow

Just like all your prior real estate transactions, we run everything through standard title and escrow. Fair and secure for both buyer & seller!


Proof of Funds

Jerry Maguire told us "Show me the Money!" We expect you to ask the same! We provide Proof of Funds with any offer.



You love your neighborhood and like your neighbors; so we do to! We respect everyone and leave behind a product you would be proud to say you sold us that lot.




We understand that a builder is only as good as the trades they partner with. We take pride in carefully selecting partners whose quality, organization and attention-to-detail matches our standard of excellence. We value our subs and understand that if it's not a win/win, it's not a partnership. 


1 Year Home Warranty

Enfort Homes offers an industry standard 1 year home warranty.


We are always looking to build additional profitable business relationships with local individuals that want to enhance their investment portfolio. Since we started in 2010, we have consistently provided secure investments for our lenders and never missed a payment or defaulted on a note…ever.

We provide homebuyers top-quality new construction and renovated homes in the most desirable neighborhoods in King, Snohomish & Pierce County all while providing our Trust Deed Lenders a safe and reliable vehicle to generate profits.

If you have an interest in learning more about partnering with Enfort Homes to generate high rate of returns on secured loans, please call Greg directly at (425) 879-4417 or email at

What is a Trust Deed


Why Choose a Trust Deed

Lending Investment?

A Trust Deed Investment is an investment holding that is secured or collateralized by Real Estate. Each investment has two components, a Note and a Trust Deed. The Note describes the term and return of the investment and the Trust Deed attaches the Note to the title of the property being held as collateral.

First, you operate as a lender with real estate as collateral, making this investment more secure than stocks or other “paper” investments.

​Second, your investment is backed by a promissory note, recorded on title, with returns that may outperform many other opportunities.

Our duty to our trade partners:





If a trade has delivered, it is our duty to pay promptly. Most checks are cut within 3 days of receiving an invoice. Need a check on site, no prob, let us know!

We actively communicate with our trades. Scheduling is difficult for everyone and we will do our part to ensure our trades can manage their workload properly.



Our jobsites are not college dorms. Each trade cleans up after themselves and Enfort does general cleanups weekly.





Nothing is worse than showing up to a jobsite that isn’t ready. Our word is our bond. When we say it's ready, it's ready.

You are an expert and we want to hear your opinion. We are building the product together and enjoy a collaborative environment to create the most creative and best functioning products in the marketplace



Please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.


Phone: (425) 312-3678


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